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software-for-taxes-01Taxprep has a wide array of products that offer the most advanced programs in tax preparation. The Personal Taxprep is one of their most sought-after personal income tax software. Most recommended for accountants that prepare individual tax returns, it maximizes the distinct income tax scenario of any client. This personal income tax software saves a lot of time, improves productivity, and boosts earnings during T1 season. The Personal Taxprep simplifies the whole process of tax preparation.

One great option of the Personal Taxprep is a service called EFILE. This is a quick, easy, and paperless process that can save a lot of time and money. The EFILE option conveniently manages electronically filed income tax returns. Taking advantage of the EFILE option can make the whole tax preparation process a lot easier.

First Thing’s First With The EFILE Option

The first thing to do is to check all the files for EFILE eligibility. To do this, go to Prepare Profile Situation and Office Situation. Scroll down to the EFILE section and check the boxes and options needed to transmit all returns.

Choosing An EFILE Preference

Soon as everything is all set for EFILE eligibility, go back to Tax Return. Go to Tools, Options, and Settings in the Electronic Service Section and select an EFILE preference. Enter Identification and check other options.

The Forms Manager

There are a number of EFILE forms. They are the following:

EFILE Transmission

The EFILE transmission is easy. In the Client Manager, select from the EFILE Eligible Filter to run a report on all the files that are all set for online transmission. In the Workflow Management Filter, it’s possible to add other reference points such as Return Status and EFILE Status.

Go to EFILE Eligible Filter to see all the files that are all eligible for transmission. Hold Shift key down and select the number of returns and right click to transmit online.

Once the transmission is completed, go EFILE Tracking, click on EFILE Log to see all the returns that were transmitted. To Archive all the files, just do a right click.

The Most Recommended Personal Income Tax Software

The easy navigation of the Taxprep makes it the most recommended personal income tax software for accountants. To add to that, the EFILE option of the Personal Taxprep makes it very easy for accountants to take care of their clients’ taxation returns.

Storing and Backing Up All Your Tax-Related Files

As part of your preparation and protection of all your tax files, it is important to keep in mind that you use secure cloud-backup solutions. Based on our experience, nothing beats the peace of mind that you can get when you know that all your tax-related files are safely and securely tucked away “in the cloud” to make sure that no theft or disaster may harm them.

Backing up is a really important part of record filing, hence we suggest that you get started and read more about Carbonite Server Pro for your business servers. Now, if are running a smaller business and have a couple of computers that need to be backed up, it would do you well to use Carbonite Pro Prime which can really provide you with some significant savings.

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